Hey all

Big announcement here at iii and we are finally ready to share it. After 15 years of rocking the central coast with kick ass, award-winning designs, Missy has decided to close the doors. This is for no reason other than Missy is ready to move into a different phase of her life (painting) and wants to have some uninterrupted time to focus on that. 

With change comes growth and while Missy is out of the design game this does not mean the team is stopping their careers so let’s talk about the exciting stuff:

Missy Reitner-Cameron www.mrc-art.com   
IG: @missyreitnercameron  | E: [email protected]

Wyatt Renew will be assisting all existing Managed Web Services clients and loyal WordPress Hosting clients. Questions, help, or remittance related to past or existing WordPress or Squarespace website clients can be directed here:

Wyatt Renew equillelogram.com  | “eq” | beginning 4/1/2020 
893 Marsh Street, BOX 15906  | SLO, CA 93406
O: 805.203.0707  | E: [email protected]

Katy McGrath is starting her own agency called Badger Branding and she, along with iii’s current senior designer, Helen Alba, will be focusing on branding, messaging, marketing, and brand execution.

Katy McGrath  badgerbranding.com | beginning 4/1/2020 
1880 Santa Barbara Ave. Suite 160  | SLO, CA 93401
O: 805.550.0900  | E: [email protected]

Additionally, you can contact Dave Simmons for inquiries regarding Custom Software Development solutions including Web and Mobile Apps, Technology and Security Audits, SEO, Non-WordPress Hosting and DevOps, or any other technically complex support needs!  Dave has worked closely with ( iii ) DESIGN as an integral and professional partner for many years.  We trust and highly recommend his technical expertise when it comes to solving the most difficult technical problems our clients face.

Dave Simmons davesimmons.io
O: 949.423.3701  | E: [email protected]

This has been an amazing run and all of us are stoked to be moving into our new roles and are looking to this bright future wide eyed and ready. 

We want to send a BIG THANKS to the County of San Luis Obispo for all the support, love and snow cone parties over the year! 


iii DESIGN Team